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New Year!       New Website!       New Work!
And so 2014 begins and we’re straight into it with three projects on the bench all of which will have very different outcomes and are sending us in new and exciting directions. Two we can tell you about now, the other, which is our first step into the world of Augmented Reality, we’ll hopefully be able to elaborate on in the coming weeks, all being well.


We are working again with The Media Machine on a tour visuals project, this time for Bermudian Singer/Songwriter Heather Nova for her European tour starting at the end of this month. Heather has a love for the work of Italian artist Alberto Di Fabio and approached him with a request to use his paintings for the tour, he agreed and Heather chose her favourite 15 paintings for us to bring to life. Alberto’s paintings explore  micro-cosmology in nature, man and the universal, visualizing cellular networks, neurons, mineral structures and gas fusions. The project is proving very inspirational for both us and Alberto, the fruits of this remote collaboration will be viewable from January 30th 2014.


1310_37_AA_CalendarioDAuria2014.indd PIER CHARITY
Continuing our work alongside the regeneration of Hastings Pier we are waiting to implement the dressing of a building the charity are taking over for the next five years as a contact point between them and the public. There’s a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross but we’re hoping the mural and panels we’ve been working on will see the light of day sometime next month.