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April 24, 2014

zeroh_stinger coverZEROH were commissioned to illustrate the cover of Hastings music magazine The Stinger second edition.
The publication is available in various pubs, clubs and shops in the 1066 area. The brief was to produce an image about ‘mastering’ and they requested a Moth form so we took elements from both the analogue and digital mastering processes – tape heads, reels, equalizers etc – and created a motif which is actually our first colour Moth shown publicly.

You can view the original image on the sister website


April 24, 2014

ZS mothZEROH recently launched a sister website to ZEROH.NET called ZEROHSTUDIO.COM.
ZEROHSTUDIO.COM is home to all of ZEROH’s personal projects and artworks, it is also where you can buy ZEROH prints/ TShirts and textiles. The site hosts work previously shown on this site and some new works. ZEROH.NET will continue to focus on ZEROH’s commercial projects.